Internet in ECUADOR

real satiliteInternet in Ecuador, how frustrating, so many choices and when your on the coast, or in the country you discover that they fail ton deliver what they quote again and again.

At Atlantis we believe in access and quality, so we have gone the extra mile to add our own private Internet service to all our homes in the Atlantis Housing Community as well as the health ReTreat and all the Aged Care Rooms.

All building at Atlantis will have access to this service for a small fee. What is more important is the service we have added will not be affected by rain, power black-outs because of our generators or over use, because we will scale it so you always have great speed and bandwidth.

Private Networks
Your Business Interconnection
Satellite Wide Area Networking has emerged as the clear leader in broadband technologies where organizations have offices that are widely dispersed around the globe and often in locations where there is no traditional communications infrastructure. They choose satellite WAN technology because with a single satellite service provider there are fewer points of failure than a terrestrial alternative (if there is one) and uniform service levels in place. Also, such networks can be deployed quickly should a rapid response be required.
BusinessCom Networks will guide organizations through the choices available for interconnecting their remote VSAT-based sites. This can range from VLANs on standard commercial services, to Private Networks leveraging iDirect GQoS, or Virtual Network Operators, operating securely and independently.
Voice, Video and Data with SLA
Today, modern businesses operate in a technology centric world and IP connectivity is the key to driving businesses forward. In order to maintain a competitive advantage bringing remote locations into the corporate network is the key to fluid communication and decision making and enterprise organizations utilize many different applications to ensure that their business operates in the most efficient manner. Business applications can be easily implemented into a BusinessCom Networks communication topology, as can media rich web applications such as videoconferencing or telemedicine, for example. Our networks support organisations who wish to roll out enhanced CRM applications or maybe introduce new and innovative ERP initiatives to their remote offices so that everybody has access to the same corporate tools.
BusinessCom Networks has been at the forefront of implementing cutting edge IP satellite broadband networks for nearly a decade.
IP Carriers
Shared and Dedicated IP Backbones
Internet Service Providers recognize that there is a huge, untapped market of prospective subscribers who remain without access to the Internet or, more importantly, to the rest of the global economy. For global ISPs, entrepreneurs and IT professionals alike, BusinessCom offers exclusive satellite solutions to deliver regional and global ISP networks to any point in the world, with very high spectral efficiency often resulting in reduced hardware and/or service costs. Broadband VSAT services provide a way for ISPs, large and small, to extend connectivity to this hungry market. BusinessCom supports ISP clients throughout emerging markets around the world with our custom solutions appropriate to the ISP’s customer requirements. Leveraging our vast experience in supporting ISPs, we will propose and deliver the best service for the business opportunity at hand.
We have a range of service solutions on Ku and C- band platforms and we will work with ISPs to determine which solution is optimum for the climatic conditions where the service will be delivered.


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