How to Buy

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This project is subject to the sale of 10 Blocks, at the time of this posting, 2 are sold per-advertising.

So its simple.

Step one you talk to us, come and look at the property.

You make the choice as we have, this is one of the best, quietest, clean and beautiful locations around.
I bought the first block. As the owner and developer I want it to be what you want, home sweet home.

1) You pay a deposit of 10% to our legal team, who hold those funds in trust.
2) We notify you when we have enough sold to start the project.
3) Once we have enough sold we send you confirmation that we are starting and you pay the balance with-in End Of Month 30 days.
4) Contracts are signed and registered at that time.
5) The project is then underway and your choice to pay off the next $52,000 over time or start your new home immediately.

The first step will be the underground power and the water works, as well as the fencing of the blocks.
The two sides and the back, the back will have a gate as well.

Upgrading and the widening of the entrance.

The building of the pool and gym facilities and parkland. With an area fenced for dog training.

The installation of live video streaming so you can see the progress from time to time.

The building of homes in order that they come.


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Paul Rana